Thursday, 22 November 2007

We've gone nuts

Many people have said it over the years. No doubt, even more have thought it. But I am happy to confirm that, three weeks ago, we all went nuts.

The final straw was when, in the search for planet-friendly shampoo, soap, washing-up and washing liquids to give our future yurters, I went into our local eco-boutique. The Very Nice Woman Who Runs The Place pointed to a range very similar to Ecover, then asked if I'd ever considered going nuts.

Well yes. I'd thought about it. Who hasn't? Even picked up a bag at the market. But never taken the plunge.

She told me I should. She showed me how to use them (break a few in half, put them in the little pouch, and use twice at 40 degrees or once at 60). And she gave me a bag. Gave it to me!

Here it is:

We've used them on normal clothes and nappies. They work. They're cheaper than washing liquid (even when you pay for them). And they're compostable.

The shampoo and soap are also excellent, and the Very Nice Woman is getting us some prices for shiatsu and normal massage, although the guests will have to pay for those (what do you think we are, insane?).


Alpha Mum :-P said...

But what sort of nuts are they?

devolutionary said...

I think they sell them as soap nuts in the UK. Have a look in Infinity Foods - or on the Interweb.

Simon Hilton said...

Soapnuts are fruits of a tree growing in India called Sapindus Mukorossi (soap tree).The soapnuts are not used by themselves, but rather the shell which contains a highly precious substance called saponine

PROMOTION => 1Kg = 11 euros - 5Kg = 50 euros

Nutsorters video

Simon Hilton said...

more here
if you get a rash, go easy on the nuts.

devolutionary said...

Oh. I just threw in a whole nut with the last load. Let's see what happens.