Wednesday, 15 February 2012

écovallée - as been on TV

Last Autumn, the écovallée yurt camp was featured on ITV1's "Little England", a 12-part series about people living in this part of the world. As you'll see on these four clips, the producer was very kind to us (you should have seen the stuff he left out).

Andy Warhol, if you're reading this, you'll see that the clips add up to almost exactly 15 minutes. Good call.


Archibald said...

Hi guys great clips, Any chance they could come back and do a whole series on you ' a year in the life of a eco yurt camp ' or ' Alex goes wild in france ! '
Would be very good tv.
Failing that, how about some day to day self filming posted on here ? We are all out here waiting millions of us.
From your last post looks like a fab day out for all the family on the beach and in easy reach of Ecovallee, like the sound of lunch in the old town.

Archibald said...

Back again ! Does the river flowing near by you play a part in your life at ecovallee would imagine there's lots of fun to be had ? Do you go fishing in it as part of your foraging for the table ?

the devolutionary said...

Hi Archie. They did talk about doing a second series, but I haven't heard anything yet. We'll definitely do some self-filming and have some stuff in mind. Our video camera's rubbish, but it does work. Only problem is, doing any filming takes time and we don't have much of that at the moment.

Fishing-wise, I think the permits are seriously expensive (for adults) and I don't think you're allowed to fish in the Dordogne itself. There a canal nearby where people do fish, but I've seen too many fish floating belly up in there to risk it. We hardly eat any fish now, and a friend of ours says even any fish is too much. The ocean doesn't have the stock any more.