Saturday, 24 November 2007

Fence post

After a last-hour rush at the Poll, it seems 60% of voters want me to fence 40,000 square metres of grass and woodland against wild boar and deer.

That's not going to be as easy as it sounds.

The most appropriate fencing is one strand of barbed wire at ground level, then four feet of stock fencing, topped by another strand of barbed wire, with a fence post every two metres (yards). Almost all of it through dense woods.

I used to say it was impossible (an argument based on not wanting to carry tons of wire where tractor or horse cannot go). Sadly, as I looked for the boundary one day, I found one of our neighbours had done exactly this. The good news: there are 100 metres I don't have to fence. The bad news: there are only 100 metres I don't have to fence.

You and my poll were my last hope. "If people don't want the fence, so be it!" I was going to say.

The people have spoken (or clicked). The hunt for a post rammer begins...

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