Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Feeling a little shaken

Yesterday, two things were impressed upon me by the guys that sold me the tractor.

The first was: Never, ever, drive down a hill in neutral. A tractor is big and heavy. You'll never get it back into gear. You could die.

The other was: Don't drive it for more than an hour. It's bad for your back. And your head.

Today, I did both of those things. In the background is the slope I drove down in neutral:

Note the clever use of an opposing slope to take the edge off the runaway tractor. Thereby neutralising the danger of death. (To be fair, I thought I was in gear when I let go of the brake.)

Next, here is me after cutting the grass for about an hour and a half:

Note man at ease with machine; man not realising that he'd been shaken so much that it would take many hours before the brain and body would function again as one.

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