Monday, 12 November 2007

It's official: Tuesday doesn't bother anyone

The results of the first devolutionary reader poll are finally in.

For the record, the question was: "When would you rather check in for a one-week holiday?"

Sunday and Thursday came third, with 12% each.

Tuesday came second, with a respectable 25%.

And "Not Bothered" stormed into first place by a mathematically impossible 87%.

Which means I can announce with absolute conviction that 102% of people, who expressed a preference, are either happy, or not particularly unhappy, about checking in on Tuesday.

Who knew?

(I love that this ties in with our idea of giving everyone a simple five-course meal on Wednesday evening - to demonstrate the facilities of the yurt kitchen - and Thursday is market day in Lalinde, 300 yards away. Which means everyone can stock up on the latest seasonal goodies not available from our allotment/polytunnel. So, to those who voted - thanks for bothering.)


Alphamum said...

Actually, it wasn't just Tuesday that bothered me, it was the whole blimmin' poll.

I thought about it. Honest, I did. But I couldn't decide. I wrapped myself in some kind of mental string trying to figure out which day would be best for me but got so tangled up in my mind that I imploded. All those google searches on ferry crossing times and costs versus same for the 'chunnel' and thinking that if I had a week off work that started on Friday evening, would I want to waste a couple of days waiting until Monday night to make the crossing to arrive with you on Tuesday? And then the knowledge that my one week holiday would usually be Friday until a week Monday would mean that a Tuesday - Monday holiday would be impossible. And trying to get the best bargain on travelling and how much I would need to pay those people who convert air miles or exhaust miles into trees for dying polar bears or something . . . . . it all just became a little too much for me and I had to go and have a lie down.

And then I never quite got around to making the decision on which day I thought best and then the poll finished and all my skillfully honed Alphamum angst and quest for ideal perfection was wasted and, upon realising this, I had to take to my bed yet again. . . .

. . . and the thing is, I've always maintained that it would take wild horses to drag me to France so I really am not quite sure why I even *tried* to answer your poll . . . . . .

. . . but just so long as you know that I *tried*.

Alphamum said...

Actually, thinking about it, I mention wild horses . . . . forgot to mention IN-LAWS. Christmas is approaching fast so maybe my research on travelling to you won't be wasted . . . . . .make up the spare room, I'm on my way!

France VS In-Laws. It's close but (shock!) France wins by a couple of whiskers . . . .

devolutionary said...

As long as you don't mind sleeping surrounded by boxes, you're on. We're having goose, although there'd be plenty of veggies. And Clare's made Christmas puds.

I wonder if there's a poll for "Best comment". Yours would win by a mile (1.61 km).

Sorry to put you through so much angst. If everyone took their polls so seriously, the world would be a much more liberal place.