Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tree bog. Nearly. Finished.

This morning I had a superb brush with bureaucracy (nothing too exciting - it's to do with a number plate), then picked up some decking pieces that meant I could spent the afternoon doing this:

Cutting flooring around posts with a blunt, antique coping saw could be easier, but if you don't worry about how long it takes, it's really not so bad. (I also got to use the rasp my dad gave me a few years ago. Rasps are cool.)


Arch aka Stephen said...

Hey Alex what happened with the cops ?
By the way treebogs really taking shape now it almost to good to be a bog ! I could live in that ,
Did you hear Tim Minchin aka Alex Crow on desert Island discs this week. Sorry but there's just something there !
Worry if your hair turns blue and you start wearing eyeliner,
Best wishes to all may your yurts hire out like hot cakes
Is this rain ever going to stop ?

the devolutionary said...

Ah, it wasn't cops. I successfully re-registered a UK-plated car to a French plate with only TWO TRIPS to the Sous Prefecture. I'll blog it at some point - it might be useful info for someone.

Don't know about your rain. Ours stopped last week and yesterday it was 31C and sun. It'll be 29C this afternoon - we could be wanting some of that rain again soon...