Saturday, 19 May 2012

Inside the tree bog

This is the dry fit of the seating area. I ended up using the same tongue-and-groove as the flooring instead of ply, partly because of the horrible glue used to make ply, partly because I didn't know what finish to use so it could be cleaned easily, and partly because - at €39 per square metre - it was far too expensive. (Also, I think ply always looks a bit naff.)

On the left you'll see some trim I'm going to use to finish the bog. I've never used trim before, but the pine is from trees only a couple of hours away from here and it should look excellent.

(It'll also give me an easy headline for a blog post next week.)


SarahW said...

OOooh, I love it!

Arch said...

Hey Alex that loo seat looks very sinister sitting there on its own !

Looks a fantastic job impressive job done and well done.

Nothing like the ones on slum dog millionaire !

the devolutionary said...

Hi Sarah and thanks! Arch, thanks too. Now just got to take the top off, add a few supporting joists, staple plastic, treat, glue, screw, fill, varnish, sand, varnish, fix and add trim, solar fairy lights etc, and it's pretty much there. Then only make the baby changing bit, plumb in the sink, make a pedestal, door, shelf...

But it's very cool to stand in a building that wasn't there a few weeks ago. It's got a great energy to it.