Monday, 21 May 2012

Tree bog finishing touches

I'm showing all the stages of the tree bog, because at least one reader is just about to start theirs and you never know who could glean what from my experience...

Having decided to use tongue and groove, I needed to add extra joists on either side of the seat to make sure the platform is solid. I also decided to make a wrap-around chute to encourage the processed food to gather in the right place, rather than just a urine guide at the front. The chute is stapled around the joists but stops above the straw to encourage airflow in the chamber (this is a key part of tree bog functioning from what I've read, but there aren't many around and I'd love to have some feedback from people who know more about it).

Although there's a good chance the chamber on the left will never fill up (we only have two yurts and are only open for a few months of the year), I've left the option to switch sides open because there's NO WAY I'm going to want to play around down there after the tree bog opens for business in the next few days.

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