Monday, 28 May 2012

Scythe of relief

A few years ago, I bought a scythe and exhausted myself trying to use it. I've resisted using it ever since - until now. Just watched a few videos on youtube by "The Jolly Scythers" which helped me set my (much cheaper) tool up, then watched this awesome video, that includes how to make a haystack:

The information-gathering is complete. The next step on the road to self-sufficiency is about to begin...


Stephen said...

Hi Alex
That vid appears to be very HD ! Wonder what they used to film it ? Well shot also, makes you think I may have ago at that !
Sharp blade a must I would think sharpened as you go.
Looked easy on the film but must be hard on the back.

Did you see the earthship build on Grand Designs last night
Great what he ended up with.

If you could come up with Le Grand Yurt design I bet Kevin would turn up and life would be the sweeter for it, what you think ?

A Yurt could be scaled up, what a fab thing it would be
Anyway off back up my tower of Babel my latest scaffolding creation, I maybe some time !!!!! X

Coach full of hot blondes aka Archie said...

Hi are we going to see a vid of you doing abit ? Please please please please please sugar coated please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please !

the devolutionary said...

Maybe. But not quite yet. The guy in the vid is 52 and it looks like he doesn't even break sweat. There's hope for us all...