Thursday, 24 May 2012

Solar shower power

A few weeks ago, we bought a 28-metre string of solar fairy lights from Nigel's Eco Store. Twenty-eight metres! That's enough to go all the way round the snail-shell solar shower, then across to - and all the way around - the tree bog. Look:

Can't see them? How about now:

Only one thing confuses me about these lights - and that's this claim made on the box: "Up to 40 hours run time per night".


Arch said...

More sculpture than shower and loo, have you ever been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park ?
Lots of sculpture placed in the landscape is no bad thing,
Happy days !
Ps I bet cutting logs has gone right out of your mind ! Given the heat

Guess ? said...

Hi guys, just. Thought ! ( here we go could be the heat ? )
Do you use mains power ? Now for all you techies out there, is it a better Eco deal to use a generator run on bio fuel or mains in France that could mean nukes !
What's your thoughts Alex ? ( he's to busy enjoying the warm weather sipping a long cold nettle home brew beer ! Thought so, rock on way to go .........just think how sweet it would be to be on your way at this moment to join him luck and blessed are they that are !
This is all sort re the solar lights which are fab

the devolutionary said...

Hi Arch - a casual reader would be forgiven for thinking that you're the only other person reading this blog...

You make a good point. Solar (with batteries and manufacturing), vs generator (with manufacturing, fuel and noise), wear and tear and all that.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to nuclear in France - enercoop, which works like Good Energy in the UK. You've reminded me we need to finish the sing-up process, for guilt-free electricity use (and abdicating responsibility for all the windmills, infrastructure etc).

I'd love to hear about genuinely eco lighting solutions from other blog readers - beeswax candles are the only thing that spring to mind (but candles far too dangerous in this neck of the woods during summer time - imagine the weather you're having now for two months straight). Or going to bed when the sun goes down - we did a fair amount of that when we were completely off grid. (After bat watching and star, planet, satellite, and space station gazing, obviously.)

Stephen said...

Alex how did you know it was me ! ( does Alex have power or powers that we don't know about ? )
Solar lights you have are similar to ones I have last a hell of along time we have some cheap ones that we bought a the local petrol station 8 years ago and there still working ! That must be pay back for there manufacture or is it ? I would have thought so,but what do you think ? Maybe we are just kidding ourselves.

As you know there's a large number of people following this blog but for the large part they are not commenting !
But as an ex marketing man ( madman madmen did you watch it ? ) yourself am sure as I do it's very interesting what provokes the masses to comment ?

My approach is a heady mix of cheering you on as I love the concept and stalking !

But more importantly how is the home brew coming on ?