Monday, 21 July 2008

The hole story

At the top of écovallée is a country road with a small lay-by big enough for a couple of cars and a trailer.

For the last many months, we've been extending the lay-by, by filling in the holes in the soft verges. First, we did this by hand and wheelbarrow. Then, by taking trailer loads of soil from a friend's building plot - again, by hand. Most recently, by filling the trailer using our friend's mini digger.

(Now, operating a mini digger is not as easy as personhandling a shovel. Which is why we parked the trailer in the lay-by on Saturday evening, full of soil, sporting a shiny new dent in the tailgate.)

On Sunday morning, after spending the night in Yurt One, I went up to the car to retrieve some bread to make eggy bread (not pancakes as previously promised - recipe for both now to follow).

Back in écovallée, this bread was found to be mouldy.

After pausing only for a coffee, I returned to the car to discover a new, unexpected and entirely unwanted hole in the lay-by. A hole exactly the same shape as a trailer full of reddish, clayish soil.


alphamum said...

I'm having a slow day.

Has someone filched your trailer?

devolutionary said...

Clarity has never been my strong point. But to say: "Some bastard stole my fucking trailer" seems, somehow, unblogworthy.

alphamum said...

zoot alores, or something!

You'll be looking for a perp with a tow bar, I suppose. What does Inspector Clouseau say??

Inspector Clouseau said...

"I am here to fix the problem with yer pheaun"

devolutionary said...

That is not my pheaun

inspector clouseau said...

This is a very serious matter and everyone is this reuoom is under the suspicions.

devolutionary said...

Everyone? But you weren't even here.