Friday, 18 July 2008

Build it and they will lay

I managed to put this together before the rain stopped.

Then put this together.

Before the eggs started (but only by a few hours).

By Sunday, we might have enough for pancakes.


Alphamum said...

Did you get to make your pancakes?

We went to Art in Action on Sunday and thought of you (the last time we went we were with you.) Caitlin did a mosaic class and I did some bookbinding classes - have come home and have signed up for a university course doing bookbinding and book restoration / conservation. Go me!

I think it's 4 weeks till we are standing in Ecovallee . . . . .

devolutionary said...

The pancakes are in the next blog, currently in the editing stage - you'll see why later.

Go you! And come you! Maybe this should be ye.