Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Daylight non-robbery

I went into the wine shop down the road last night, walked up to the counter (careful not to let Boy touch any of the Expensive Things) and waited for someone to realise we were there.

We waited for a few more minutes.

Then a few more. It's not unusual for the owner to be round the corner filling up someone's car with wine, or having a chat with someone outside the nearest coffee shop.

Eventually, I turned towards the door at the back of the shop and said (loudly): "Bonsoir!"

Then, after a moment or two more, slunk out of the shop, empty handed, a little guilty that I had looked in the corners for the non-existent CCTV cameras.


Lynfa said...

What I want to know is are you all happier? Is it better than Brighton? Or is that just a dim and distant memory? I ask because we are moving near Fumel in a week's time so we have been following your exploits with interest. Is there anything you need from Blightly by the way? We look forward to meeting you at Lizzie's wedding...

devolutionary said...

The short answer is: Yes.

I was talking to some English types outside a bar the other day (a rare event these days). I said something along the lines of: "On the surface, things look pretty good. We have three pigs, six chickens, a working horse, two cats and, now, a dog. And enough land to be self-sufficient (although that's not happening this year).

The only frustration is the amount of time it's taking to make the project happen. But we moved out here at 40-ish to have the time and energy to do it. We're playing the long game. It will happen. We just don't know when.

Look forward to meeting you in September. Will now go and find out where Fumel is...

Anonymous said...

Great. And I'm Welsh. Seems to go down OK in Fumel so far... L X