Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A nice, relaxing coffee

So we saw our Notaire (French solicitor) yesterday.

He loves the project - especially with the new angle. (I'm beginning to see a pattern here - it's only the bureaucrats who aren't wildly enthusiastic.) He says the Maire's objection is groundless, but it's probably worth waiting until the new Maire is elected. In March. He said he will fight for us, and is happy to present our case to the Senator, who has an office just round the corner (of course). He also said there is nothing in law to stop us putting our yurts up on the land right now because... a yurt is not a caravan.

So we left the meeting feeling a little better and went to Kathy's Place, overlooking the square in Beaumont. After a stressful few days, we could relax. We could just get on with our lives. They were nice, relaxing, coffee-filled minutes. Albeit without a biscuit.

Then we saw our excellent estate agent, a few metres (yards) away. He also wants to fight for us and took us to the Senator's office to make an appointment. While we were in reception, the Senator came in. He likes the project. He said we should wait until the elections and get the new Maire on our side. And he said that if we put our yurts up on our land, the Maire could have us arrested.

You know, the irony of all this is that I've always wanted to open for business in April 2008. And despite all the objections officials are trying to put in our way, that could still happen.

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