Friday, 7 December 2007

An Alex of Hope

There's someone I haven't told you about. But to save being accused of introducing them at the last minute like a character in a bad detective show, I will tell you a little bit about her now. Her name. Alex.

Alex works for a French government organisation that is actively supporting our project. She is, as I write, working in the Corridors Of Power to help us find the "Oui" we so desperately need. And not as a janitor.

Yesterday she sent me an email, urgently requesting a copy of a document I did not have.

Almost immediately, I drove to Bergerac and spoke to the Woman in Planning. She took out the document. She turned it over in her hands. She made a phone call. And she told me I couldn't have a copy.

It was masterful.

Apparently, the Maire (mayor) made some comments on the form that I am not allowed to see until after a "Oui" or a "Non" has been issued.

Me: So it's not a "Yes" or a "No" right now?

She: No.

Me: (EMPLOYING THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING) And I must wait until after a "Yes."


After a slightly longer pause, in which I discovered the social security office was already closed, I drove to our excellent estate agent. Although snowed under with work (the price of excellence or estate agency - you decide), he dug out a copy of the document, which I scanned and emailed to Alex last night.

So now I wait in hope.

It's the same kind of hope you experience while waiting for a response to a script/treatment you've sent to an agent/producer. Although if you're the one writing all those bad detective shows, please stop.

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