Friday, 21 December 2007

How's this for a school dinner?

It was the last day of term at the daughter's school today. To celebrate, the canteen provided:

Foie Gras

Duck with pommes noisettes


Not bad for just over two euros.


Simon Hilton said...

At Oxfam unwrapped, you can gift Xmas presents like:
School dinners for 100 children: £6.
Now THAT's food for thought. On several levels.

Alphamum said...


You lose credibility points for thinking that foie gras is a good thing!!!

devolutionary said...

Si - I wonder what you can get for 6p in some parts of the world. Damn.

Alphamum - I had a feeling you'd have something to say. Maybe I should have said: "Not bad (apart from the ethical dubiousness of certain ingredients) for just over two euros." But that could also include eating meat - and the origin of the chocolate in the profiteroles. I think I was trying to say: "Very impressive for just over two euros." And failing. Sorry.

alphamum said...

Hmm - I did get what you were saying but have to admit that I was surprised, given your usually impeccable credentials, that you seemed to be 'celebrating' foie gras. Maybe I misread your intentions. If that's the case, I apologise . . . .

Putting my vegetarianism to one side (and I am by no means a militant veggie!), I still hold the opinon that the processes involved in producing foie gras are unneccessary . . . but that's my opinion.

I think our vegetarianism came about because we wanted to know, as much as possible, where the meat we were eating came from. We knew which butchers to buy from, etc. Eating out in restaurants, etc, meant we didn't know the source of the meat and therefore we chose veggie food. With a small child, it soon became more difficult to explain to her that we only ate meat occasionally at home and therefore the switch to vegetarianism happened. . . . .

. . . and I would also, especially in this country, personally doubt the quality of the meat used in a 3 course meal that, in entireity, cost 2 euros! But that's just me - I work in a school and see the slops the kids are served here; £1.75 a day for a school meal of which 23p is actually spent on the food; all the rest is staff wages, heating, lighting, etc etc etc. It's appalling. Pack lunch all the way, I say!


devolutionary said...

Bluddie hell. I wasn't worried about the quality of the ingredients, as: a) this is France; b) I suspect the food is outrageously subsidised (a small tin of foie gras is five euros); and c) there is no c.

But. 23p. Bluddie hell.