Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The day before the day after today

We've been taking it in turns to have a crisis.

Clare went first, around the time of our meeting with our estate agent. Which inspired two evenings of focused discussions, culminating in a brilliant development of our original idea that, in an ideal world (which let's face it, is exactly what we're trying to create), should have the authorities begging us to accept their permission.

I don't want to tell you too much right now.

In fact, I may have already said too much.

After a couple of days and a meeting with our architect, it was my turn. Which inspired two evenings of focused screen watching (Part Troll by Bill Bailey and Part Uruk-Hai by JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson), separated by days of listlessness, despondency, negativity, a slight cold and some tractor yoga.

It's a female-male thing.

I think I'm getting over it now, just in time for our next and probably most important meeting. With our solicitor. Which is tomorrow.

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