Saturday, 16 April 2011

Snappy photo update

I've got to go and make dinner in a minute, so I'll make this quick.

Here's a shot of the treehouse I've been working on in the last couple of weeks for our kids:

Here's a detail of what you can do with mid-20th-Century coping saw and absolutely no training ever (in the background you can see our straw-bale grey-water system for the kitchen waste):

This is what the sand filter looks like this evening:

With mud taken from what will be a reed bed, above the willow trench, for the soon-to-exist solar shower:

Overlooked from a distance by some Lady Orchids:

And from a longer distance by a bunch of Early Purples (that I keep calling Purple Sprouting) by the veggie patch:

At the opposite end of which are some of those Burnt Orchids "anonymous" was interested in:

Round the corner from a field Her Outdoors has hand-sown with animal-feed crops for the coming winter:

Here's Luna, our probably pregnant bunny:

And Starsky, whose the daddy:

Near some guinea fowl you haven't seen yet:

And it'd be rude not to publish a cheeky photo of my Silky cock:

Right. That's it for now. Bye.


luis said...

salutations to all of you,
Thanks for sharing you experience which does give the realistic touch that I have always been looking for. I also am convinced that your blog also gives us an increased desire for people to come and visit. I also hope your children will value what all of you have done.
From Luis Gaspar (French Portuguese with a vision to live one day something like that)

the devolutionary said...

Hi Luis - and thank you for your support!

I wish you all the best with your project. When we started, we thought it would take six years to create what we wanted - and now we are about half way there. Sometimes we wish things could happen more quickly. But only sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Ah, those are the orchids. Thanks for the photo. And I have met your guinea fowl too - love their noises!