Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Masonic Lodgings

We've had Mason Bees in the yurt these last few weeks. Looking for holes to fill with mud. (They're not fussy - I caught one trying to build a mud nest in the top of an envelope.)

In an effort to give them somewhere more suitable to do their thing, Her Outdoors and The Daughter found a mason bee house online you can buy for about €12. However, the website made the mistake of including a picture which I ripped off unashamedly for the cost of eight screws. Here it is (including a hole blocked up with mud):

Now you can rip it off from me.


Anonymous said...

We made something last year from large old logs, and drilled a variety of different sized holes in them , then stacked them on an old bird table. Attracted mason bees, leafcutters and a couple of other things we couldn't identify! Over the last few days the masons have hatched.
Sally (an old friend of Clare's - and regular reader of your blog)

the devolutionary said...

Hi Sally - and thanks for being a regular reader. Yes, I'd heard about drilling holes in bits of wood. We've had so many mason bees it might not be a bad idea. Don't know if they return to their place of birth in later life or whether they're more nomadic.

PS Seems like we're going to be on the telly later this year. 'Cos you made a comment I thought you should be the first to know.

Anonymous said...

Keep me posted... Hope it's on UK TV.

Anonymous said...

This is meant to be a link to a couple of photos on Face book if you're interested.

the devolutionary said...

Sally, that's way cool. Will definitely do some of that. And yes, it'll be on British telly. Something called itv1, apparently.