Sunday, 13 June 2010

Spoiling écovallée

Work continued on the guest yurt platform yesterday, which now looks like this:

It represents, without doubt, the most sustained period of physical hard work I have done this year. But, with the addition of Her Outdoors' signature woven fencing, gets more beautiful by the hour. (This fencing also has the benefit of cleaning the woodland without a bonfire.)

But, as may not be clear from this shot, the platform has created a lot of spoil. Which has made a platform for the compost toilet:

A raised bed in the veggie patch a couple of hundred metres (yards) away:

A pile of earth in the poly tunnel even further away:

Some infill for a flower bed in front of the outdoor kitchen (please ignore the mess - we haven't tidied up out there):

And a small bed in the kitchen for herbs:

And one of the best things about it - we haven't spent a centime.


Pete said...


It looks great! And sooo much soil - cool.

Alex Crowe said...

Thanks Pete. I knew you'd appreciate it. And the shot of the platform doesn't really do it justice. Andy Goldsworthy would be pleased (if you don't know his work, check it out).