Thursday, 3 June 2010

Applied coat hanger skills

I wish it wasn't true, but in our experience, French products (invariably overpriced - remember 'Rip-off Britain' - you should see the cost of things on this side of the Channel) break within days.

Bizarrely, this is especially true when it comes to footwear. Most especially, footwear for kids.

The response from shops is always the same.

US: I bought these shoes/boots/wellies in here last week and they've broken already.

THEM: Would you like to buy another pair?

There's just no point in going back to complain. Which is why, when the Daughter's brand new (15 euros worth) sandals broke yesterday, after less than a week of occasional wear (it's been raining), Her Outdoors reached not for the car keys, but a coat hanger.

A twist here, a bend there, snip and - tada. Better than new.

Coat hangers. They're not just for finding water, or making Christmas decorations, or fixing car radios, or televisions...

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