Thursday, 13 May 2010

USA & France: Separated at birth: Exhibit 5

The police have guns. Real ones. With bullets and everything.


cathy said...


That is the strangest entry you ever have put out!

What does it mean? Can you elaborate?

Alex Crowe said...

Hi Cathy,

When we first arrived in France, we were struck by some similarities with the US. I started doing these separated-at-birth posts back then, as you'll see if you click on the 'LABELS' thing. As it turns out, I haven't found that many amazing similarities - many vague ones, others requiring research, which I am notoriously shy of.

But a friend of Her Outdoors from California came to stay with us last week. She's continued with her travels now, but mentioned running into an aggressive policewoman on the TGV (she made the mistake of smiling at a policeman - and as you know, they're not famed for their sense of humour). Which prompted me to return to this forgotten theme. I know lots of police carry guns. Like I said, striking similarities are elusive. If you can think of any, this is the place to note them down.