Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Busy, busy

Now I've finally managed to post those rocks (New readers - see below and below below), I can show you what's on the work-in-progress list.

First: Grey water treatment for the outdoor kitchen. Washing-up water will drain through a straw bale grease trap, run along the pipe (a nice, easy bit under the floor there) into some mulch, filter through some washed sand, then gravel, before draining into the ground under a vine. Ooh - and must lay the patio floor and build the kitchen on that weed-suppressing matting you can see behind.

Equal first: Yurt platform. If you can get any more local, or sustainable, than using turf from the upper side of the slope to build up the lower side, I want to hear about it. This is huge fun, and much warmer than making igloos (I imagine). It also takes a surprisingly long time. It soon became clear I had too much mud, so I started making...

Equal equal first: Compost toilet platform. We're going for a 2m x 2m toilet for comfort. This shot's a bit out of date. There's now some of the ramp leading to the toilet (for baby buggies and off-road wheelchair users).

Equal, equal equal first: Take down the 12-foot yurt, replace the cover, sand and oil the frame - when it's not raining. And put it all back up in time for one of Her Outdoors' friends, who's arriving on Saturday. Lots to do. Got to go.

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