Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pepito goes to work

No. Not the title of my latest unpublished children's book; my soon-to-be-published post on our not very hard working working horse.

Besides turning acres of pasture into wheelbarrows of manure, Pepito has recently started proper work. First he pulled a tree out of the woods (that I'd failed to cut down successfully). Then he did some harrowing practice on what was the old pigs' last field.

Here's me having a go:

And here's Her Outdoors (note the look of concentration on the face - and the lack of gloves - she's hard, she is):


JO said...

excellent! Was thinking about him on Monday . . . the saddlers in Ditchling is having a relocation sale and they had fly nets (we were looking for half chaps)

devolutionary said...

Pepito needs a fly mask thingy if they've got one for a working horse. Otherwise might have to use a pair of socks like they do in Portugal.

Jo The Fixer said...

what size?

Rup said...

Seems like a harrowing experience!
Ho ho.
(come on you all thought it)

devolutionary said...

Rup - hoe, hoe indeede. (And yt wass.)