Monday, 20 April 2009

Orchid watch

The orchids are back. So far, between the tractor and the veggie patch, we've found these (shot like this for reasons that will become clear when you see the website):

Early purple orchid:

Lady orchid:

Fly orchid:

Burnt orchid:

I'll keep you posted as the others come up.


Jo said...




dND said...

Down the road here it's mainly the Lady Orchids with lots of Lizard Orchids waiting in the wings to shoot up.

My lawn is full of the Lizard Orchids and I've found a few of the Lady Orchids in one of my ditches. I've marked the ditch ones with large markers and the guy who mows the verges leaves that area alone.

Not much else round here as nearly everyone weed kills the ditches - the only uncultivated areas -, but I'm always hopeful that I'll be able to tempt some other species onto my land.


Phyllis Foundis said...

Hello to my lovely Alexander Crowe! Tis sunny, yet ever so slightly chilly, Sydney, Australia calling... Phyllis Foundis to be precise. Wanted to drop a line to say... well, er, I'm pregnant! Bebe numero deux. I know I've mixed my languages, but what the merde. Your blog sounds in great spirits. Would LOVE to visit Ecovalle with my Kym and little Dean Elijah - who is still rather delicious though stubborn about pooing in nappy before bedtime rather than on toilet. Oh the joys. He'll be three next month. Sheesh! Bebe is due October 12 and well, we got some organising, sorting, movie-going, sleeping, er, movie-going to do before then. Anyway. Love and all things Austraiiiiiiilian to you dearest Alex. P, K & D xxx

devolutionary said...

Three comments! In one post! I never realised orchids were so popular. Almost a shame today's post is about the horse.

Jo - soon.

dND - good luck. I guess it helps that we're right on an orchid trail and the land's been idle for deity knows how long.

Phyl - pregnant? How did that happen?