Friday, 10 April 2009

No, I didn't

It was more like half a centimetre. I would show you, but Her Outdoors has gone to England to see the newest member of the family - with the camera. Leaving me with potato beds to dig, a website to write, life to manage, all that fun stuff.

If you're desperate for something interesting to read, the formerly boy-genius Cafe del Nightmare has started blogging again.

UPDATE: It still looked tight, so I cut another half centimetre of it the other day. It still looked tight. I blame the drip edge. Few wouldn't.


daveq said...

I'm confused.

More confused than normal I mean... what was more like half a centimeter???

paul turrell said...

Nice one Alex cant wait to pop round and have a look at it when i get home from work, love the blog see you in a week or so, i'll call you when i get back

devolutionary said...

daveq - yes
Paul - see you then then