Thursday, 5 June 2008

There isn't a word for being this tired.

Yesterday, after my second full day of strimming, I lay in a half-damp hammock and realised I was too tired to walk across the field to retrieve an empty petrol can and a bucket.

But I did.

Because I also had to feed the chickens, put them to bed, feed the pigs, tidy up some electric fencing, and walk home, to cook dinner for everyone and I've forgotten what else.

Today, all I had to do was take a yurt from the trailer in the car park (trailer park would be more accurate right now) to the field at the bottom, by hand (you'll know how far this is when you come), put it together, then have a meeting with the Entire Council, (more on this, later - I'm too tired right now), and feed the animals, put them to bed, walk home and cetera.

It's Extremely Likely I'll be in bed before ten for the second night running - and not for the right reasons - we're both far, far too tired for that.

I just have the energy to leave you with the Monumental News that, finally, to the surprise of chickens, pigs, horse and, to a degree ourselves (although, to be fair, I'm only adding this, as you may realise, in a half-hearted attempt at creating a sentence with more commas in than others on this blog), there is a yurt in écovallée. It's a beautiful thing.

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Alphamum said...

Yes indeed, what a wonderful sight. . . . .