Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Ahhh - the romance of it.

I just bought Her Outdoors a necklace.

For Pepito. Obviously.


alphamum said...

Winter evenings will fly by with the fun of the gurning competitions you lot can have with this . . . . .

jim from the lewes road said...

Hi Alex. Nice bridle!

Katie finally gave me your link, so I'm dropping in to say hello. Sounds like things are going slow, but I'm sure you'll get there in the end.

I like the picture of the yurt you've put up. Somehow whenever I see those things I expect a Mongolian horseman to be in attendance, about to embark on a spree of raping and pillaging... Maybe you could get an old battle-axe and go charging about on Pepito... bring a bit of medievalism back to France.

Maybe not.

Britain is going through a bit of a collective convulsion at the mo about the collapsing housing market (so-called). It's really quite comical. You'd think everyone suddenly has to live on a dollar a day. Terribly spoiled nation, this. And the surveillance! New CCTV cameras going up along our road just in the last couple of months. Bastards.

Still, we did have a riot the other day. A real Gallic moment!

Katie sends her love to Clare and the kids.

As do I.

devolutionary said...

alpha, I had to explain gurning to Clare - bless.

Jim - Hi back. It's been a while. As it happens, I do have an assortment of medieval-type almost weapons now. The slasher would probably be best - kind of like a pike, but with a shorter handle. The riot's news to me. Didn't see that on the bbc website.

I'm only just beginning to see how spoilt the UK is as a nation, thanks to my French minimum wage job. So used to taking luxuries (all non-food items) for granted. Very excited to read big growth in the growing of veggies. Not quite on a war footing, but give it another 12 months...