Monday, 2 June 2008

River vallée

Read a couple of amusing bullet points (in a very American book called: "You can farm") the other day. They were, and remain:
o Unseasonably wet or unseasonably dry is normal, not exceptional.
o "Normal" weather is exceptional.

So I bring news that a period of normal weather has filled up a Very Deep hole on our land...

Showed us where the lower points are in the long field...

And identified a good spot for a ditch, which I will dig as soon as exceptional weather returns...

In other news, the mayor is coming to see écovallée on Thursday, so I've just booked two of the main benefits in having a job - days off.


Alphamum (clearly back on form :-P ) said...

Eau my goodness!

Ha ha ha. Get it?! I made a joke. In French! Me! French! Jokes!!!

Ducks would be good . . . . .

Alphaparents said...

Alphadad says:

eau secours!

I've no idea but it made him chuckle.

Don't groan at me - I'm only typing what he tells me. Such is the nature of our relationship (ha ha ha - we all know that's not really true . . . .)

Alphamum said...

Sorry - we are not making light of your plight. . . . .can you make the Big Water Filled Hole into an eco plunge pool? Very de rigeur these days, I hear.

Have you had lots and lots of rain? We have. You wouldn't think it was June, although *actually* thinking about it, given that Somerset locals are once again donning snorkles and living on their rooftops, I guess that does signal the start of the great British summertime.

I was reading today that some supermarkets are rationing rice as all the crops are failing. Ever trying to see an advantage in the situation, could you turn your unexpected waterlogged field into a rice paddy?

(grr - I've just realised my unnecessary use of French in this post. Time for bed, I reckon. . . . )

devolutionary said...

You could be more intelligent than you think you are. Only someone else could tell.

Eau. We've already had ducks. And I have considered growing rice. But the water's gone already, so that might not work.

Yes. I've read about the rice croppage. And some fungus that's threatening to destroy up to 100% of wheat crops (called ug99, I think - a byproduct of genetic engineering). Also about how farmers in India are walking away from the job 'cos they can't afford the sterile seed they must buy and the fertiliser they need to pour on it. Gotta love capitalism.