Monday, 10 March 2008

How to test an electric fence

There are only four ways to test an electric fence worth mentioning:

1) Use an electric fence tester. Available from any good electrical fence retailer, for around 12 of your Earth euros. (Pain level: Slight, and confined to the wallet.)

2) Use a long blade of grass. Squat down and rest one hand on the ground and touch the electric fence with the blade of grass. (Pain level: A bit of a shock, even with the fence turned down low.)

3) Use someone else. (Pain level: Like watching something written by Ricky Gervais.)

4) Use your knee. Wearing wellies, gently touch your knee against the fence - turned up to maximum - and earth yourself through the middle finger of your left hand, with a fencing staple brushing against a roll of barbed wire. (Pain level: Hilarious.)

No prizes for guessing which method I used this morning.


Anonymous said...

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devolutionary said...

If these unknown types offering links keeping visiting, I'll have to start using moderation. Arse.

alphamum said...

I would have paid to have seen Ricky Gervais held against an electric fence . . . . can't stand him.

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