Saturday, 22 March 2008

Chicken Week: Day Six: The Final Descent

After fixing a few last-minute snags (reducing the air conditioning, draft-proofing the floor, adding locks and cutting more roof out of sheet-metal scraps - mastered the rivet gun by the way), the chicken house was ready for its final journey from the workshop to the orchard/chicken run:

I thought I'd fitted the house with skis:

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

But when I looked at the book again last night, I saw that they are skids.

That extra "d".

Think it stands for dunarftakealotofeffort.


You can only do your best.


alphamum said...

Goodness gracious! Rare photographic evidence of an Alex at work! (That's not to say we think you don't work, just . . . .oh, okay, I'm digging myself deeper than the holes you made for fence posts . . . .)

Anyway - I can tell you've been busy because there are more photos and fewer words in your blogs these days! That's not a bad thing; we like pictures. (Oh, and that's not to say the words aren't bad, either . . . . heavens above; how deep are these fence post holes again??!! :-P)

I've been trying to post comments recently but it won't let me. I've followed all of the gobbledygook instructions, too . . . . let's hope you get this one . . . . but if you don't, you'll never know anyway so I shall just stop typing _________________________

alphamum said...

Ah - there you go. It worked.

Is that Fantastic Mr Fox??

devolutionary said...

It is. I suggested a "No foxes" sign to guarantee security for the chicks (now not arriving until Tuesday, thereby missing out on the Easter Sunday gag, but never mind) and Clare wouldn't have it any other way.