Friday, 21 March 2008

Chicken Week: Day Five: Pretty Good Friday

Busy though. Daniel the Builder came round first thing with papers to sign and send to the Tribunal, to keep the permission ball rolling. He has a meeting with Planning next Thursday and it begins to feel like he's very much the Right Man for the Job.

Clare spent all day working on costumes for the parade (more on this later), while I worked just as hard on the chicken house, although it's hard to tell from this picture:

Or this one:

Some things - hinges, flooring, grills etc - take a bit of time. It doesn't help matters when, just as you think the day's over and you only have to feed the pigs before you can start enjoying a Good Evening, you find them here:

Where they're not supposed to be.


Dave said...

I think I love your pigs :o)

devolutionary said...

I'm not sure that's legal.

Nautipuss said...

Nice chicken house! (Now there a line I never thought I'd find myself saying to another man)

devolutionary said...

Who was the first man you said it to?