Monday, 23 July 2012

Token blog post

These to-do lists are why I haven't had any time to blog for the last couple of weeks:

I've only just had time to take a photo of our first gosling while it's still a bit green:

The mother goose is sitting on another eight eggs in that wine barrel. We thought they'd all have hatched by now, but they haven't. We don't actually know much about geese yet, so wouldn't know if this is normal, abnormal, or something in between.

I would write more, but I might just take five minutes instead to enjoy That Relaxing French Lifestyle.


Max said...

The bottom sheet of your lists forth item down
Take rubber cat suit to be dry cleaned ? Is dry cleaning Eco friendly ? I think not !
Max & Fran X

the devolutionary said...

Ah. No. That says "bury chicken". One of our old Marans decided to leave the planet the other day.

Kalba Meadows said...

The impressive thing about your To Do lists, Alex, is the number of things that are Done. Whereas mine are mostly still virgin and untouched.

Ah! I know ... I'm going to write a To Do list that contains lots of things I've already Done, then cross those off!!

Greg d'Issigeac said...

That's a green gosling? What color does he change to when it gets older?

the devolutionary said...

Apparently he would have gone grey and almost identical to his parents. Sadly, he died last week and we don't know why. Also, none of the other eggs hatched, although only two were left after several weeks. Again, no idea why. Better luck next year...