Thursday, 12 July 2012

Door bore

Earlier in the year, we put up a snail-shell cubicle for our solar shower and a tree bog. What I didn't mention at the time was that both of them were missing these:

I've never made a door before, and started with the one on the right which, I think, looks proportionally better. The one on the left has the horizontals just too far from the edges and the boards aren't pinned tightly in place like the other one. I might add a drip edge to this, which will sort out the bottom - but not straight away. (Far too much else to do before our first guests of the year arrive on Saturday.)

If you've never made a door and want to have a go (and it's cheaper than buying one if you have a woodyard handy), the diagonal bit should always go towards the lower hinge. This braces the door and prevents it dropping if it feels so inclined. I know there's at least one carpenter who reads this blog and Door Enthusiasts may find some Fascinating Door Facts in the comments section eventually. Joinery's probably the next step but who knows when I'll need a door that precise?

These doors are made from fresh-cut larch and seasoned chestnut, with hardware bought from down the road. They're currently missing locking devices, but I've got some ideas...

Coming soon(ish), a little bit more of the huge amount we've been up to.


Arch said...

Hey Alex they look bloody fabulous !
Really like the hinge straps
Good to see someone carrying on the traditions of hand made doors

the devolutionary said...

Thanks Arch. Didn't know they were called hinge straps - found them in the local B&Q-type place. Probably intended for gates but what's a door but a gate for humans?

Arch said...

Hi thinking about it as its France they are for shutters !

Up here there called Bands & hooks the hooks being the other bit that goes on the Frame

Hinges !!!

They look strong and robust

Good luck with hanging them

Arch X said...

Yes statement from your child guest

Devils advocate, the child in me , asks when do you plan to go totally off grid, as being truly Eco pure would lift your status, it maybe that to be really taken seriously one needs to go the whole hog ?

Have you asked yourself why are you compromising, I mean can see why but what do you think ?

the devolutionary said...

The campsite is totally off grid. But we do let people charge up their iStuff up at the Shack. When we finish signing up for the 100% renewable electricity tariff it should complete the circle.