Friday, 23 April 2010

It's time, team...

Time, after a very long pause, for my second, utterly unanticipated post on Interesting Rocks found scattered around écovallée.

Rock 2 looks a lot like a development from the previous scraper I found outside the tractor shed. It's about the same size, has the same sharpened edge on the inside curve, and a more refined (although non-believers still aren't convinced - how could this possibly be naturally occurring?) axe-like head.

What I like about this one are the holes that have been carved through it. I like to think it was carried around on a belt, like a side axe. But it could equally have been used to tie the rock onto what I believe is still called "a stick".

This hole-drilling idea must have caught on, as the same technique was used in this smaller Rock I found the other day. (I found the euro coin in my pocket moments ago, shot here for scale. Get me.)

This could easily have been worn as a necklace. A Swiss army rock, if you like. Waiting for pockets to be invented.

(Needful note: I've given the fact that many of my Interesting Rocks are made from cretaceous limestone some thought. Limestone is plentiful here - just take a look at the main field if you don't believe me - and flint much more scarce. Having done a fair bit of scrounging around the land in search of building materials, it makes perfect sense to make tools from the most readily available resource, even if they wouldn't last long. What else would you do with your prehistoric time?)

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