Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spring really is in the air

I think it was October when the grue (sounds like a Dr Who villain) flew over ecovallee, heading South West. Formation flying in their hundreds or thousands, hundreds of feet up, making strange, loud gobbling noises, they signify that winter is here, and pretty much everyone is saddened by this awesome sight/sound.

Yesterday, the first of the grue came back. Which means spring is officially here. And everyone's happy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alexxx,
Yes, there is definitely something new in the air! You read my blog, so you know that I'll be FREE soon. Give me a few days to recover and I'll give you a call to set up a time for a healing, or a massage from your tired muscles from lifting up a pig,or both.
Many thanks for all you have done!

Alex Crowe said...

Very excited that you're freeing yourself again - and writing a blog. Adding you to the blogroll on the right, right now. See you soon. xxx