Monday, 22 December 2008

Back on the farm, a while back

Pepito ran away a few times. Which meant the fence became Priority Numero Uno for a while. The ground was perfect for these posts and it was a joy to swing a sledgehammer again.

Coming soon, our first attempt at post-and-rail.

We also ate our first wild mushrooms. We didn’t do this stupidly, but bought a comprehensive book on the subject and had them checked by the local pharmacist (a service provided free around these parts). Cooking and eating them was still pretty unnerving, although bluddie delicious.

Here's a mushroom we didn’t try, although I think you’ll agree it’s pretty wild in its own way.


patroclus said...

It's a great service that the French pharmacies provide. I wish we had the same here - I found some fantastic parasol mushrooms (Saint-Michel in French) back in August but was too scared to cook them just in case they weren't what I thought they were...such a shame, as they're very tasty.

devolutionary said...

I spent days walking past shaggy ink caps, wondering if they were edible or not. (I won't be doing that next year.) Some highly poisonous mushies in the book look very, very similar to allegedly delicious ones. Which is also a damn shame. Congratulations on the kitten by the way - she looks a doorbell.