Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mid-May snapshot(s)

The chickens have grown:

And happily free-range in the chicken run/orchard meadow:

Which comes complete with its own orchid:

(One of seven different types Her Outdoors has found in écovallée this Spring.)

The pigs have grown:

And still plough into food as though they've never seen it before:

The veggies are growing:

(These beds account for the majority of our work right now. It's hard. But it'll never be this hard again.)

And yesterday, we started our rainy day project, which involves turning this shabby old caravan:

Into a wet-weather heaven for kids.


Alphamum said...

Fantastic to see how it's all coming together. Everything looks so verdant and . . . well, I'm really impressed. You make it look so easy!


Thanks for the pics. Will check back next week and promise not to hassle you for posts from now on!

devolutionary said...

Yeah, right...