Wednesday, 7 May 2008

All bad things come to an end

Today has not been the Best of Days.

I'm not talking about the waking up at five in the morning for an hour and a half, knowing I'll fall asleep again only just in time for the alarm to go off.

Nor am I talking about the text I got from Her Outdoors saying she'd just left Boy crying at the childminder's (we've employed someone - amazing what you can do in France on minimum wage), and the cats crying at the vet's (where they've been efeminated, much to the chagrin of the vet, who'd rather they were left to produce kittens that can be drowned as is the way in These Parts - more on that, later).

Or even the fact that the tractor is now Officially Broken Down.

I'm talking about how my the very small commission associated with my job has created some very large resentment among other Team Members (I love that quote from THE OFFICE I saw on a colleague's wall a few years ago: "There's no 'I' in team, but there's a 'Me' if you look hard enough") after I lucked out a few times yesterday - and now people think I am a Cheat or a Thief or Both (much more on this sooner).

But as I've said before not here: "As one door opens, another one shuts."

I came back from my mowing-free evening to cook the best Steak I have eaten in France so far. The mushroom sauce wasn't too shabby. The wine's always good. The French fries were a bit limp. But the company was wonderful.

And it's not over yet - dailylola has posted another episode of Grey's Anatomy for Me and She to watch on youtube.


alphamum said...

When is the 'later' to which you refer when you say "more on that later"???

Every day we check blog, every day the same screen . . . but THEN: new words but leaving us in suspenders again . . . . it's just not cricket, Crowe. Sort it out. I know you are working and thinking and familying and all that but then to tell us that you are wasting time watching Grey's Anatomy of all rubbish . . . jeez!

Oh, and parcel still not sent as online parcel delivery quotes are currently stating £50+ and my car has just broken down again so been busy sorting out clutch cables and not boxes intended to be dipped in pure gold spun by virgins and transported on the wings of snow white doves to arrive gently in your waiting lap in the time it takes for a princesses dew-drop splashed and coquettish eyelash to blink - which is what I am expecting for a postal charge of £50 upwards. . . . . no?

(shame I can't post it on YouTube instead . . )

Simon Hilton said...

Grey's Anatomy?
watch Lost instead

phyllis foundis said...

Yes, utterly confused, Alexander. I've just dropped by your site to see what's new and apart from Le Momentous Meeting with Le Mayor (best French I can muster at midday in my pajamas with a cold nose) and hints at some job your miffing people with, I don't know what the heck's going on! What's the job about? Why are people annoyed at you? When will you build the straw bale house? Is it is hard to put up Yurts then pull 'em down again? Oh and... did you get our little Dean Elijah's birthday invitation - and why won't you be flying to Sydney for the occasion. Quelle outrage. Love P, K & D xxx

devolutionary said...

Phyl, we did get the invite. Leader dots? I ask you. You assume, albeit correctly, we won't be flying to Sydney for the party. Or even walking. The pigs need feeding twice a day, as do the chicks (who are getting very big, very fast) and Pepito needs the company. I'll reveal more on the job when I get a moment. As you're discovering no doubt, two-year-olds...