Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Pictures of happiness

After yesterday's sudden death, I thought you might want a nice, easy blog with lots of pictures. I know I do.

First, here's a shot of the lintel I made earlier, with new pigs rooting around in the background, and an idea of what two pigs do to a 40 x 10 metre (yard) stretch of grass if left alone for eight days:

Next, here's the tools on the wall shot I promised "dave" in a comments section a while back:

Which leads me nicely onto my favourite tools - a section that's nowhere near as boring as it could be.

In first place, a late 19th Century boxwood ruler made by John Rabone & Sons, which came from a treasure chest of tools last used by my Great Uncle, a shipwright. They really don't make them like this any more:

Which is a shame:

But you can still pick them up on ebay:

In joint first place, a hammer my mind calls "Lumpy" whenever I reach for it. Which I do ahead of my shiny new claw hammer:

And second joint first equal, a cordless screwdriver my dad gave me when he came a few weeks ago:

Having used some of the ancient equipment now nailed to the wall, it was a joy to drill a hole with this baby. And thanks to solar panels, I'll be able to use it as long as the battery lasts. Which is already way longer than the Bosch cordless screwdriver I bought a few years ago.

Tune in again tomorrow, when you will see me grapple with a Gripple. I'm serious.

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