Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Complete Bastide

(Prestartum: This post was written two days ago, and the last two posts before that. And I meant to post them all yesterday, but we spent too long at the water park – domage. We're getting the Interweb at home soon...)

I know I’ve posted today already, but it’s been a while and the kids are asleep.

We love this house.

It’s not only a few hundred yards (metres) from our land, so we can (and have) start (ed) working on it, it’s also a very few metres (yards) from the wine shop (two and a half euros for one and a half litres of very drinkable Bergerac), two butchers, two supermarkets, a square with two cafés, the launderette, pizza place and every other convenience a 13th Century Bastide town can offer.

My morning routine, instead of ablute, scoot, commute, is ask what the family wants for breakfast, walk (aware that I am still some weeks or months from strolling) the few dozen paces for ingredients and return, with a warm and bagged baguette, in almost no time.

If you’re reading this on Monday (and I have to wait until the afternoon to post it), you may want to think badly of me.

But wait.

Wait until I tell you it’s stopped raining. And today it was too hot to do much except lie in the hammock in the back yard and read a copy of yesterday’s Guardian.

So feel free to call me any name under the sun.

(Addendum: It's raining today. But that stormy light rain you only get when it's been - and will probably continue to be - seriously hot.)


Alphamum said...

Hmm - now *that* sounds more like my idea of living in France (if I were forced to, of course . . .) Can we come and visit now????

devolutionary said...

I thought you'd come around in the end...