Monday, 9 July 2007

When in doubt, ask a genius

It turns out, my free Dreamweaver trial has a minimum system requirement on a Mac of a G4.

This pisses me off.

The iBook under my fingers, which I love dearly, is a G3. Barely several years old. It's done me proud, except for the time when, after just 18 months, the hard drive went. It went, the repair shop told me, because it's been carried around.

It's a fucken laptop.

They then told me to expect my hard drive to go every 18 months or so.

Not very green.

Not very sustainable.

And not upgradeable to a G4.

Apparently, I must buy another Mac. I already have three: a Plus from the 80s, signed in plastic by all the creators, including Steve Jobs, that controlled the lighting rig on tour with Tina Turner; a Powerbook from the 90s, that struggles to run System 10; and this baby from the naughties, which is failing to keep up with the ever-changing times.

The point is, my website placeholder was in doubt.

So I phoned a boy genius friend and soul mate, fresh from making 30 music videos in as many days for Live Earth. He put me in touch with some Dreamweaver software that will run on this apparently antiquated machine. Then said he had nothing to do that afternoon and would be happy to knock something together for me.

This was yesterday.

The day after the gig.

In next to no time, this is what he did: écovallée

And here's another link to his blog: Café del Nightmare

Big love to you, Simon. You're one in just over six billion.

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Simon Hilton said...

of all the people in all the world, you're one of them xx