Monday, 23 July 2007

Blue skies over Brighton

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to everyone for coming to say "au revoir" in Stanmer Park yesterday. It was an unbelievably perfect day. Barely a cloud in the sky, despite assurances of a 40% chance of rain predicted by my most reliable weather website. Loads of friends from Brighton and beyond. Great looking yurt, after Clare's recent manic work to finish the cover. Superb food from the Real Patisserie, judging by how fast it vanished. There was only one problem.

Not enough time to talk to you all.

Clare is especially gutted, as she seemed to spend much of the afternoon running after Boy. It's very hard to have a conversation, with a 14-month-old. (A sentence that is equally true without the comma.) But as you probably know, we're still here for a few weeks, so maybe there'll still be time to catch up.

For the record, we're hoping to exchange contracts at the end of this week, and expect to complete about two weeks after that. We've also got a few bottles of fizz and red wine that we don't want to take with us.

Sadly, for the verbally challenged, we didn't take any photos. So I'll have to leave you with one we took a few days earlier...


Alpha Mum :-P said...

No no - thank *you* for hosting the do and proving to us all how beautiful a yurt can be - especially one that is situated in a scenic park on a sunny day and packed with all manner of tasty food and fizzy juice. . . . not sure what it would have been like in the pouring rain but hey; we certainly had a glimmer of your dream for a couple of hours!

devolutionary said...

Thanks again, a-mum. Not just for coming, enjoying and being lovely, but for being such a loyal reader and writer. Alpha plus, plus.