Monday, 17 September 2012

Apology to readers

It seems that Blogger has seen fit to fix something that wasn't broken. Specifically, it now seems that whenever I post an image (as in the post immediately below), the leading (space between lines of words) looks hideous. I've made blogger aware of this problem and hope they can unbreak the issue.

If they can't, I'll obviously be decamping to a new blogging platform. Watch this (terrible use of) space.


Stephen Hamilton said...

Very neat bit of PR by the way Alex, you may have gone native but you haven't lost your touch !

Stephen H said...

Is France very very seasonal re the British taking breaks there, it would seem to be am sure you may agree, as the thousands of others who are toying with living in France the way to have an income is holiday rentals of some sort which appears to be summer only and maybe winter solstice if you do the pig out and trimming, of course we all feel that we can extend our rental potential but the magics in how ? Drop the price, do loads of freebies, handstands, etc but I fear it's not really going to work, the reality is maybe you have to pack them in when you can : -(

But there must be a way of attracting them, what's your thoughts Alex ?

Did you ever see that log fuelled bath, may have been in country living or Bodin ?

Basicly it was a cast iron roll top bath and it had a spiral of inch copper pipe attracted to the side of it, the bottom of the spiral drawing the cooler water from the bath low down which was then heated simple by the logs burning in the spiral, the spiral formed a fire basket self supporting, the the top end of the spiral let the heated water back into the bath, the two ends of the spiral need to be below the water line for it to work but it was a thing of beauty, for outdoor use mind ! The copper pipes and joints etc won't melt while there's water in them so would maybe need a ballcock topup tank added discretely.

Could be fun with solar lights and a bottle of bubbly, there's not many women that wouldn't be in like a shot !

the devolutionary said...

We do get people asking about opening a glampsite in France, and I'm going to do a blog post on it soon. One observation I probably won't include is that going into the tourism business at the start of an economic collapse may not be the best strategy. Bath idea sounds nice.