Wednesday, 15 August 2012

From stook to stack

This is what the field looks like at the moment:

I can't help thinking, after spending several days picking weeds out of the cut corn, lining up the heads all in one direction and tying them into stooks, that this very long job would have been much easier if we'd used sickles instead of scythes. (Obviously, there's only one way to find out - more on this some other year).

The stacks, though, look fantastic.

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Arch said...

Hi I was banging on about grey ferguson TE20 tractors because they are about half the size of the Renault and their implements are therefore small a manageable, also plentiful.
A fingerbar cutter mounted on the rear would cut your hay and grain crops ( lots of footage on utube of this small but very capable tractor )
You can get implements for all manner of jobs to fit them and they are cheap very cheap in comparison to modern micro tractors.

Oh and they were the first vehicle that made it to the south pole !

One man a wife and two children can be 99% self sufficient with a TE20 Fergie

You can even get a log cutter for the rear

Tractor warning ! Never be tempted to tow or pull at anything with the top link of the three point link at the rear as you could end up crushed under the tractor in the blink of a eye ! As rear wheels stop turning and the whole tractor pivots on its rear axle and it then does a wonderful back flip !

But hey you could slip with a sythe and sever An artery
Always carry a roll of duck tape in your pocket, great for severed arterys and taping ducks !

Just a few thoughts from the open air asylum in north Yorks X