Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas markets

Her Outdoors is realising a very long-held ambition today. After four weeks of being crafty, she's selling her own hand-stitched Christmas decorations on a market stall. For those of you who can't make it to Cadouin before the end of the afternoon, here's what she has on offer.

If there's anything left, she'll be going to the Christmas market in Lalinde on December 10th. Of course, you could always send an email through the Booking Form of the website if you want her to make one especially for you. The decorations are €4 each or three for a tenner, plus postage and packaging. The wreaths are far too cheap at €12 and €15 (I think) - but they'd be far too expensive to post from France. You wouldn't believe me it I told you the rates.

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Archie said...

Very sweet Clare and a lot of work, he does sit with that laptop all day doesn't he really 24/7 " he that sits by the laptop " makes a change from " her outdoors " sorry netbook even glued to it really 24/7