Friday, 23 September 2011

Something for us

This week, I've been trying to get the work:work balance sorted out. I've been doing the physical stuff in the mornings: cutting and stripping acacia, and digging post holes in readiness for a gazebo next to our yurt (it's about time we did something just for us). In the afternoons I've been doing the mental stuff: tweaking the website, writing a book, getting in touch with an agent and all that.

Gazebo-wise, it's worked out pretty well. Here it was a few minutes ago:

Problem is, the physical stuff is such fun that lunch gets later and later, and the time for writing before the kids come home from school gets shorter and shorter. And as I found in the summer holidays, kids and book writing don't mix. At all.


Kalba Meadows said...

Listen, Alex, when you've perfected the work:work balance, will you let me know how to do it? I'm trying desperately to do the same so that I can STOP having to work at the website rewrite and all that jazz until 2 in the morning, but it's just not - er - working! Like you, I'm 'supposed' to be doing the practical stuff in the mornings and the mental stuff in the afternoons. But the mornings have developed a weird habit of going on until 7ish ...

Like the gazebo, by the way!

the devolutionary said...

Hi Kalba. I've been trying things differently for a few days. Mental mornings (work-wise) worked pretty well, but have only been possible twice. You just can't plan things like being given a tractor (oh yes) and spending a morning taking wheels off, and the inside bits, reversing everything and putting it all back together so you have a much wider - and safer - tractor to work with. Having already woken up knackered from a day emptying an 18-foot yurt with contents and packing it all into a 12-foot yurt so you can put down a floor before the rain comes a week on saturday. And in this heat, etc...

But I have a sneaky plan vis a vis the book. If it's not ready in time, I'll publish it in three parts. That way, I get something semi-finished out and if people hate it, or it's rubbish, they'll save 2/3 of the money.

Thanks for the gazebo com[pli]ment. I was beginning to think we're the only ones that LOVE it.

Firehorse Digital said...

I think your gazebo looks awesome too!

I like your idea of publishing in 3 books. Suggest titles:
The Fellowship of Lalinde
The Two Yurts
The Return of That Thing I Borrowed Last Spring

So pleased to see it all coming together so well. We would love to come down one day soon.