Wednesday, 17 August 2011

écovallée: the world's No1 family yurt camp?

Two and a half years ago, I had a crack at the yurt camp world record in this post, wherein I mentioned Yurt Professional Matt who hires coppiced ash yurts through Yurtopia (and made our 12-foot Roaming Yurt), yurt makers Yurtshop who crafted écovallée's own coppiced chestnut guest and play yurts - and even wrote 'yurt campsite' a couple of times for good measure.

It was an unveiled attempt at securing the top spot in the world's leading search engine, based on what little knowledge of SEO I had at the time. And it failed, earning a historically forgettable second place according to this computer.

Perhaps I should have used words like yurting and yurters, instead of yurt and yurts; or expressions like nomadic yurts, yurt campsites and family yurt camps, instead of the more simplistic yurt campsite; or included geographical references like Dordogne yurt camp, yurt camp in France and Aquitaine yurt campsite.

Only this post will tell.

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