Sunday, 24 July 2011

Weather postcast week ending 24/07

Unrelenting rain, day and night, almost all week. Without doubt the most miserable weather we can remember. And unheard of in July, according to our retired neighbour who has lived here all his life.

Damp, depressing, and disastrous for one family who decided to head home on Tuesday (it wasn't a total washout for them - they'd been in Provence for a week already - but nobody wants to see their guests leave early).

Suggested clothing: Jumpers, waterproofs, wellies, umbrellas and everything else you'd need for a holiday in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Hi ... I wanted to email u but no contact details either here or on your ecovalee website. Anyway ... I was hoping to find out how you solved your leaking/rotting canvas problem back in Sept 2010 and how it went. Am thinking of getting a yurt soon and would be very interested in hearing how you sorted out that problem. Thanks if you can provide any extra info. (I looked further through the blog but didn't find anymore about it).

Cheers - Matt

the devolutionary said...

Hi Matt,

We've switched to polycotton which has various advantages (including size - 2m width means fewer seams and no seams at all on the wall section). It's more expensive than canvas but what people are recommending for year-round yurt living.

We've only just put the covers on, so haven't done any long-term studies - and nothing through the winter. We'd recommend using an outdoor-use silicon sealant on seams where water could sit and drip through.

Yes, I do need to do a post or two about covers - just can't find the time at the moment.

Thanks for commenting and good luck with yurt life. We love it.


Anonymous said...

Cool thanks for the info - hope the new covers work out better for you :)