Sunday, 30 January 2011

Oh look, it's nearly February

OK, so I haven't been keeping you up to date.

Some of it's been illness (note to self - expect to be ill for about a week in mid-Jan - that's two years in a row now).

Some of it's been the gripping Millennium series of books I finished last night (finished reading, sadly, not writing).

Some of it's been that I haven't had the energy to blog, after a hard day in the sand filter.

Then there's the distraction of having someone turn up out of the blue to tell us about a new French law banning (yes, banning, on pain of destruction in 48 hours) people from living in yurts, caravans, mobile homes etc., that prompted a meeting with the mayor to find out where we stand and to tell her that we always intended to build a house and would she support our planning application, to which she replied that the new law didn't really apply to us and was aimed at people camping on land illegally but that she would support our planning application.

And a load of other stuff.

But I can tell you that this lorry arrived on Friday...

To deliver this pile of gravel...

That we can put in this hole...

The spoil for which has made this pond...

All before the end of February.

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